Roof mounted non power turbo exhaust fan

Non Power Exhaust Fan also called Natural Exhaust Fan

# It can Automatically operate so it will Save labor & save time.
# There will be no operating cost, no electricity consumption, environmental protection & energy-saving.
# It do not require any maintenance & life-long service.
# It is son Light weight, strong and durable construction
strong fray resistance, Weather resistance, self-cleanness, high revolving sensitivity and high air venting efficiency.
# Installation Position: flat roof, pitched roof, concrete roof and contour plate of various industrial plants.

Product Name: Roof mounted non power turbo exhaust fan
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 500mm (22″), 600mm (24″)
Power: No, No Power
Mounting: Roof Fan
Air Volume: 20CFM to 420CFM
Application: Warehouse
Price: 4400tk (22″ & 24″)

ModelDia of Neck (mm)Height of Turbine (mm)Dia of Turbine (mm) Blade (mm)Air Speed (m/s)Air Flow (m3/h)

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