Industrial Box Type Exhaust Fan

Industrial Box Type Exhaust Fan – Original China

Product: Industrial Box Type Exhaust Fan
1. Body Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet (1.2 mm Thickness)
2. Blade: Stainless Steel sheet/Aluminum Alloy (1.2/2.0 mm Thickness)
3. Ball Bearing: Double Ball 2RS
4. Shutter: Stainless Steel sheet.
5. Motor: IP 55 Grade with cooling fan
6. V-Belt: Available
7. Safety Net: Available
8. Country of Origin: China

Price in Bangladesh:
54-Inch: 15,500tk
48-Inch: 15,000tk
44-Inch: 14,500tk
36-Inch: 13,500tk
32-Inch: 13,000tk
24-Inch: 12,500tk
18-Inch: 10,500tk

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