Safwan Geyser / Water Heater 45Liter

Safwan Geyser / Water Heater

Product: Safwan Geyser / Water Heater
Type: Floor
Size: 45Liter or 10Gallon
Diameter: 18″ and Height: 12″
Heater Coil Made: Italy
Body: Stainless steel
Power: 1200w
Warranty: 2 Years body

Heater Usage Rules

  1. Must apply the pressure bulb to the water heater.
  2. Water the geyser and make sure the air is out by opening the tap.
  3. Two minutes to get the water out of the heater.
  4. Turn ON electric switch of the water heater.
  5. Use hot water from heaters after waiting for 30 minutes.
  6. If you do not need hot water for heating, use hot water and keep the geyser switch off. Your heating coil will be good.
  7. Fit your heater by skilled craftsman.

Price: 5500tk (45Liter)

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